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Where wagging tails and happy barks are the soundtrack to your outdoor adventures. Check availability

It’s Bobby!

Meet Bobby

Bobby, our beloved whippet, serves as the inspiration behind the creation of this unique dog-friendly field. Since Bobby requires a secure environment to roam freely without his leash, we understand the importance of providing a safe space for all dogs to enjoy.

The Field

About Us

The field is divided into two sections to cater to different dog sizes and preferences. The front section is perfect for smaller dogs, offering a safe and open space for them to play. Meanwhile, larger dogs can explore the more natural and wild areas of the field, allowing them to indulge their adventurous spirits.

Our Facilities

Welcome to our Freedom Field, where your dog’s safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. Within this secure haven, you’ll find a 6-foot fence that is thoughtfully buried into the ground, ensuring that no adventurous escape artists can breach its boundaries. Additionally, we’ve made parking convenient by allowing you to park right inside the field, granting your furry friends safe and hassle-free access to and from your vehicle.

Our Facilities

As an extra treat for your canine companions, we’ve set up a dedicated agility area within the field, exclusively for their use. It’s the perfect space for them to exercise, play, and show off their skills.

Our Facilities

For those moments when you want to relax and bask in the tranquility of our field, we’ve provided comfortable seating. So you can unwind while your dogs explore and play to their hearts’ content.

Our Facilities

Furthermore, we understand that Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so we’ve included a shelter to shield you and your four-legged friends from the rain. No need to worry about getting wet; you can still enjoy your time at Freedom Field no matter the weather.

Water & Waste

Please remember to bring water with you

Please make sure you pick up after your dogs and dispose of any waste in the bins provided



How to book & pay

The field is available to hire for 55 minutes (this allows a 5 minute change over period). You can click on the link below to book your slot. (Payment is to be made by debit/credit card at booking window)

The gate has a padlock, you will be sent the code once you have book. This will be changed regularly.

Up to 4 dogs £10.00

Up to 6 dogs £15.00

Please be aware The Old Brick Kiln Freedom Field shall not be held responsible or liable for any personal possessions brought onto the premises by individuals, visitors, or event attendees. This disclaimer is effective upon entry to the site and applies to all individuals and visitors.

By hiring this field you agree to the follwoing: No claims can be made against the field owners for any accident, injury or losses sustained whilst using the field. This is a dog playing area and you are solely responsible for yourselves and your dogs.

Terms & conditions

Please do not enter the field before your allocated time slot. This is for the safety and respect of the customers already utilising the field.

Park at the sign which says ‘car park’ so you can see from the entrance gate and avoid anyone that is already using the field.

When making a booking at obk ff, all clients (including any guests) agree with the following t&c’s

What our customers are saying

First time at the freedom field. The dogs loved it. They had a great time exploring. We have been to a few dog parks and this is definitely our favourite now. We will be back. The shelter with some treats for both dogs and humans is a lovely touch. Thankyou. We only managed to get pictures of 2 of the 4 dogs staying still. The other 2 were too busy for photos.

We took out 3 dogs tonight and they loved it , definitely the best around here , grounds lovely and level and paddocks kept well maintained, beautiful trees for shade , grass is like a bowling green , if you not been give this place a try , you won’t be disappointed.

Took my 5 dogs and they all loved it. Was easy to book. what a fantastic space for dogs to run free without worrying about other dogs/people around. I will be using again.